How to Jump Higher…



How to jump higher? Increasing our vertical leap can give us an edge in our sport of choice. In addition to the advantage of a higher vertical, the same muscles involved in increasing our vertical will also give us better overall quickness. So how is it done? Why are there so many programs and products that seem to have differing methods? When you are out doing your searching for the next training program or the next product you are going to test to increase your vertical there are a few things I recommend that you keep in mind.


These few principles can help you understand the underlying principles behind an increased vertical and give you better insight as to what YOU need to do next in order to answer the question… How do I jump higher?


# 1 Is the question how to jump higher or how to increase my jumping endurance? Probably none of you really ever think about this question… but if you did you would realize that often you are training your jumping endurance and not your jumping explosion. For example.. if you were training to run the 100 yard dash would you train by running 2 miles every day? NO! Why? Because distance running optimizes the muscle fibers that provide endurance… NOT the muscles that provide speed and power. THIS PRINCIPLE ALONE WILL SAVE COUNTLESS ATHLETES UNTHINKABLE HOURS OF UNAFFECTIVE TRAINING! Just because you are tired, and sweaty, and your legs are sore does not mean you are training correctly.


In fact, training your explosive power can be quite counter intuitive. You would be better of doing 3 - 4 sets of 8 very explosive reps that you would doing 3 - 4 sets of 20 - 30 less explosive reps. Here is another example to illustrate this idea. If your vertical is currently 19 inches and all your training involves repetitious exercises requiring you to jump within the 6 - 12 inch range you will not be working to train your explosion. How do you jump higher?


BY EMPHASAZING EXPLOSION AND GOING BEYOND OR YOUR CURRENT EXPLOSION CAPABILITIES IN EVERY TRAINING EXCERCIZE. Absolutely guaranteed. If you train with that kind of intensity, you will notice explosion gains, and vertical increases faster than you ever have before. Does this make sense? I hope it does because it will make the difference between results and excitement about your training and potential burnout because of slow results. More on principle #2 coming soon…





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