How To Jump Higher! Vertical Leap Secrets From The Experts



1. It is difficult to find an exercise that mimics the motion of vertical jumping better than the kettlebell swing. Furthermore, you can perform the exercise explosively. Now this is not to say that power cleans or snatches are not great exercises that teach explosive hip extension, but they are more technical and harder to teach. This is simply not the case with the kettlebell swing, which makes it excellent for working with large groups. I just happened to find a better tool for teaching athletes explosive hip extension. Will I abandon the power and hang clean? No. No I have even more exercises in my tool box which makes it easier not to be married to a set a certain exercise. So whatís the lesson here? If you can add kettlebells into your training programs you have an excellent vertical jump training tool that is hard to beat.


2. Another great thing about kettlebells reiterated by Steve Cotter is that there is a unique quality in the shape of kettlebells: The shape I believe and many other trainers will agree is that they actually guide you into proper form. Because of the round shape, any deviance from good form and you will definitely feel it so you get right back into the correct groove. This is something Iíve never really experienced with barbells and dumbbells. Furthermore, a premise of kettlebells is that training is practice and practice develops your skill. The more skilled you are the stronger you will be and the higher you will jump. I mean do you ever really see guys that can jump or are really fast not run or jump with excellent form? Not really. Fix someoneís technique and form and that in itself will help them jump higher. Donít forget that a good training program that promises to help your vertical will always focus on form.


3. Keep things simple. Again, keep things simple. All three guys mentioned this. We know what works and we have known for a long time. Donít try to reinvent the wheel. Basics like the dead lift, squat and its variations combined with explosive lifting, actually jumping, and of course excellent technique will provide a good foundation for your training.


4. Another big point to drive home from this was to keep the reps low (3-5) when strength training. A great vertical requires excellent strength and that means to train movements like the dead lift, squat and pull-ups with low reps to develop that strength. You donít need higher reps as that can lead to weight gain and possibly using bad form.


5 sets of 5 reps on big bang exercises and youíre done! In the end, though, donít forget to practice your jumping. I mean would you ask someone wanting to improve their speed not to sprint? If you want to dunk, youíve got to jump.





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