How do I target the correct muscle fibers in my vertical training?



Marathon runners and bodybuilders are interested in training slow twitch muscle fibers. But if your sport is basketball, volleyball, or if you just want a spectacular vertical leap, you have to target your fast twitch muscle fibers, not your slow, if you want to dominate your competition.


Of course, now you may be wondering how cans an athlete even knows which of his muscles are being recruited in the weight room. There are some certain exercises which, if done correctly, can train your body to recruit fast twitch muscles, at their higher intensity, every time. For example, in the weight room try to lift in excess of 85% of your 1RM. Research has shown, the heavier the weights, the more you are recruiting your fast twitch muscle fibers.


You should always aim for speed. When you are lifting weights or performing other exercises, the quicker you are able to perform them, the more chances you will recruit the best type of muscle fiber (fast twitch) for increasing your vertical jump. Short spurts at maximum strength are best to train your vertical. This may seem obvious, but many athletes train slowly and laboriously. Plyometrics force our muscles to contract more quickly and powerfully, while helping athletes, without any perfect athletic genetic inheritance, to train the muscles correctly.


If your current training doesn’t include plyometrics, you are on the wrong way. Complex training is the most proven effective training technique. A combination of the correct principles including both plyometrics and resistance or weight training will recruit the correct (fast) muscle fibers to get the best results possible from your training, combined with nutrition. If you’re training your vertical, do it in the correct way. Forget slow twitch muscle fibers in the weight room. Learn to recruit your fast twitch muscle fiber, and you’ll find you’ll increase your vertical leap while being more powerful, quicker, and more explosive than ever before.





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