Increase Your Vertical Leap - Helpful Tips To Jump Several Inches Higher



Have you ever thought about how you can increase your vertical leap for any sort of sport or for general fitness? Improving the vertical jump is one of the best things you are able to do to increase not just the quality of the leg muscle tissue but also to gain an advantage in a wide range of sports activities like basketball or volleyball. Actually, any sport that requires jumping can benefit from you taking the time to work on that vertical jump. You'll discover that you'll excel in not only sports activities, but in different areas of life, as well.

Here are some methods that it is best to use if you wish to increase your vertical leap.

Train Fast:

Once you do your exercise routine to improve your vertical jump, you should train with as much weight as possible and still minimize the loss in speed. An instance from different sport is a baseball player that adds a slight weight to the bat when he's warming up. He can swing the bat at a relatively high rate of speed but with added resistance. In case you squat, make it quick!


The second step to Increase Vertical Jump is to increase your speed. One of the simplest ways to do this is by plyometric workouts and explosive exercises. The thing about these workouts is that it's essential to have a good amount of strength developed in your legs already. That is important since if the muscles will not be strong enough, then the workouts wouldn't do anything to increase your speed. Having the strength already developed in your legs is essential to improve your vertical leap.

Stomach Crunches

I've heard that sit-ups are dangerous for your back so a variation seems like a better idea. Abdominal strength is essential for improving your vertical jump. To do this exercise, lie straight down with your knees bent. Slowly raise the head and shoulders up a few inches off of the floor and slowly return to the beginning position. Do this workout for ten minutes in the morning and the night.

Last but not least don't forget to stretch, because this will really aid in muscle recovery time. You must also know that when you first start you might prefer to do these exercises every other day to give your body time to regulate to the new workout. The worst thing you can apply is over train, so please make certain that you're getting enough rest between the workouts.

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