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I have heard of supplements that make you jump higher or vitamins that target the jumping muscles. Here’s the down low. Every muscle involved in jumping is a muscle just like any other. It requires the typical elements to function correctly and to grow stronger.


It may seem ridiculous for me to say this… but I just want to make it clear that supplements that help a muscle grow and function are “jumping foods.” I am not by any means downplaying the role of nutrition in developing an outstanding vertical jump. It is very important… Here’s what needs to happen.


I recommend a protein whey supplement that includes necessary amino acids, and carbs to effectively build muscles. THIS WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Many people workout very hard and lack results because their muscles lack the maximum capacity to create and repair muscle tissue. My specific recommendation is Cytogainer. This is an affordable product that provides plenty of extra protein, amino acids, carbs, and even some creatine. You can find the link to the product in the Jump Manual.


I also recommend a regular dosage of a creatine. A creatine monhydrate powder is fine. More creatine means more muscle fuel for workouts. You will notice you can work out a bit harder and for a longer period of time. You will not need to worry about losing that muscle when you stop taking creatine. You will only lose muscle if you stop using that muscle.

A multivitamin supplement is also appropriate if you are not getting all the fruits and vegetables that are necessary for your diet, which unfortunately includes almost everyone. A multivitamin will help you in a variety of ways to be efficient at a functional level.


WATER! Drink plenty of water always to “oil” your entire system. Water helps everything to run smoothly. My general rule is that your urine should always be clear. If it is not, you need more water.


A Glucosamine supplement: Athletes can incur minor or major tissue damage during workouts. Glucosamine is involved with repairing joint and supporting tissue. Taking Glucosamine is a good precaution for overuse injuries.


Lastly: ice any soreness. I hate icing because it takes so long, so I found wraps that you can just throw in the freezer and stick them on when you get done with a workout. It takes no time and makes a HUGE difference.

Hope this is useful in aiding your efforts to increase your vertical jump.



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